Two teams will win a day at the Bell Centre, where they'll train like the pros and play a full game on Canadiens ice. Plus, ten teams will win the chance to prove themselves in a live Skills Gauntlet.


OCT 1 - NOV 11

Complete challenges to finish in the top 5 of your division.



Compete in a live Skills Gauntlet, where the top two move on.


DEC 13

Spend the day at the Bell Centre and the Canadiens for a day.

OCT 1 — NOV 11

Complete challenges. Climb the leaderboard. Win a spot in the Skills Gauntlet.

In the First Period, we split the teams into two divisions – and it’s all about completing challenges. That’s how you’ll prove just how much you want to be the Canadiens for a day. Some challenges are online, some are on the ice. Some are pretty easy, some are more of a challenge. All of them need to be crushed, because that’s how you earn points and win a trip to the Skills Gauntlet.


Face off in a live Skills Gauntlet at the Bell Sports Complex.

For the Second Period, we’re taking the competition live. Our top ten teams will win a spot in a Skills Gauntlet. You’ll pass, shoot and skate your way through a series of tests. In the end, two teams will hustle their way to the Bell Centre.

The contest was very interesting, the girls had lots of fun.

- Blizzard du Richelieu

On behalf of our team thank you for a wonderful opportunity this afternoon. The team and coaches were pleased to have had the boys have the opportunity to compete in the skills challenges. The boys were happy and also sad to not have moved on, but they know if opportunity ever presents itself again, they know what they have to do and work harder.

- Lakeshore Bantam Jaguars

The contest is a great motivation for the players, very stimulating!

- Bantam B Jaguars
DEC 13

Spend the day at the Bell Centre and learn from the pros.

Two teams will compete in what we call The Armour Cup. You’ll spend the day at the Bell Centre, where you’ll learn from Canadiens staff and alumni. You’ll learn how they train, how they practice – even how they eat. And then, you’ll play a game on Canadiens ice with all the bells and whistles.


  • + An on-ice practice session
  • + An off-ice training session
  • + A film session in the video room
  • + PR and media training
  • + Tons of UA swag
  • + More

We decided to participate in the contest to do challenges as a team, strengthen our team spirit and to have the chance to win prizes.

- Desjardins de Farnham/Bedford

Thank you for the incredible experience our players experienced.

- Jets St-Hubert


Q: Why is the contest only open to certain teams?

A: Eligibility is based on a team’s age division and location of home arena. This year, the contest will only be open to the Bantam hockey team division with home arenas in the province of Quebec. If you’re not in this age division or reside within the province of Quebec, please check back next year!

Q: Are girls teams allowed?

A: Absolutely. Girls can bring it on the rink just as hard as the boys.

Q: Do I need a Facebook account to participate?

A: No, a Facebook account is not required to sign up and complete challenges. But for those who do have an account, you can use Facebook to share your progress and invite other teams to Storm The Centre.

Q: Can I sign up my team if I’m not a coach?

A: No. For this competition, we’re limiting the signup ability to coaches and team administrators to eliminate the possibility of the same team being signed up multiple times. Tell your coach to go here to register.

Q: When the competition begins, how will I sign into my team profile?

A: When you register your team, the registration process will walk you through everything. Once your team is registered, you simply need to click “LOG IN” and enter your username and password.


Q: How do I know if I won the Canadiens tickets and how were the two winning teams chosen?

A: Two teams will randomly be chosen from all the teams that completed 5 challenges before Oct 13. The winners will be notified via the email address that they provided during registration.

Q: Why are there different Divisions on the Leaderboard?

A: While Storm The Centre is a competition, we realize there is a wide range of skill levels represented in the Bantam division. Dividing the competition into two divisions helps make the Skills Gauntlet a more enjoyable event for everyone involved.

Q: Does my team automatically advance to the next round if we complete all of the challenges?

A: Not necessarily, although the more challenges you complete, the better the odds. The point totals are based on the quantity and the quality of the challenges you upload.

Q: What happens if there's a tie for 5th place at the end of the First Period?

A: The tiebreaker will be the amount of challenges that a team earns the full 100 points in. The team with the most 100-point challenges moves on.

Q: What happens if my team can't attend the Skills Gauntlet?

A: In the event that your team cannot make it, we will unfortunately have to choose a replacement team. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us at contact@contreattaque.ca.